What Services Does My Ferrari Warranty Include?

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A Ferrari warranty ensures that the best cars on the market get the best care possible. Customers of Ferrari of Rancho Mirage drive off of the lot knowing that their investment is protected by a service and maintenance plan worthy of the car and driver it serves. Each warranty is carefully thought out. The Ferrari team labors over the details time and time again to guarantee peace of mind for each customer.

The Different Ferrari Warranty Options

The world may be hectic right now, but owning and maintaining your dream car shouldn’t be. Ferrari of Rancho Mirage wants you to know what to expect once you get behind the wheel of the Prancing Horse. With that in mind, here are four different warranties designed to protect your investment and save you money.

Ferrari Premium

The newest Ferrari warranty was devised with one purpose in mind, to keep Ferrari cars running in pristine condition. Maintaining one of these engineering marvels takes dedication, hard work, and a little bit of elbow grease. Ferrari of Rancho Mirage stands ready to do its part once you decide to buy or lease your new sports car.

The Ferrari Premium program gives the customer the ability to replace components that bear the brunt of a powerful Ferrari engine. If you choose this Ferrari warranty, you will receive a Ferrari Premium Certificate that facilitates access to “Special Series” and a Ferrari Classiche certification. It will protect the car’s market value, along with the vehicle itself.

The program applies to owners of these models:

  • 360 Modena (all versions)
  • 599 GTB Fiorano
  • F430 (all versions)
  • 612 Scaglietti
  • 612 Scaglietti Sessanta
  • 612 One to One
  • 456 GT / GTA
  • 456M GT / GTA
  • 550 Maranello
  • 550 Barchetta
  • 575 Maranello
  • 575 Superamerica
  • 599 GTO
  • 599 SA Aperta
  • Enzo

It guarantees continuity over the first 20 years of the car’s life.

7-Year Routine Maintenance Program

The next Ferrari warranty covers the first seven years of ownership and is commonly referred to as Genuine Maintenance. It is exclusive to Ferrari because no other global automobile manufacturers offer it. It is linked to the car and not the owner, which means that if you purchased a Ferrari from a third-party, the deal extends to you if the car is still within that seven-year window.

Genuine Maintenance includes labor, original replacement parts, lubricants, engine oil, and brake fluid. Checkups are scheduled once a year, and an elite team of technicians at Ferrari of Rancho Mirage performs these checks.

Power Coverages

We couple every Ferrari sold with a three-year commercial warranty that is valid internationally. It provides three years of full coverage for replacement parts and labor. The Power Coverages allow Ferrari customers to extend that coverage period.

The first power coverage formula maintains the warranty for another 12-24 months. It is known as the “4th or 4th+5th Year Extended Service Coverage.” It is an excellent option for customers who like to take things one year at a time.

The “New Power15” formula extends the perks of the commercial warranty even further until the 15th year of the car’s life. Readily available roadside recovery service is another perk of the formulas. The vehicle must be inspected by the authorized Ferrari network and have no more than 55,923.407 miles (90,000 km) on the odometer.

Welcome Back

Ferrari created The Welcome Back plan for customers who left the Ferrari network for at least two years. With this warranty, Ferrari owners can update their cars with the latest software. Highly qualified mechanics perform the operations at Ferrari of Rancho Mirage. To reap the benefits of this program, all you have to do is bring your Ferrari to the nearest dealer and request a check. An invitation to an exclusive Ferrari event awaits you after you use this service.

The Ferrari Guarantee

When you buy a Ferrari, you’re buying much more than a car. You’re buying protection, peace of mind, and a community. Ferrari’s various warranty options show that they care about your investment. 


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