Track Events

Laguna Seca Track Day Experience

Scuderia CAVA is proud to present a recap of our first ever Laguna Seca Track Experience as a dealer group. A select group of Ferrari owners set off from our Ferrari of San Diego showroom on a 2-night, 3-day legendary track opportunity where we enjoyed remarkable coastal sceneries, new friendships, wonderful memories and a truly once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

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May 2017

Thermal Track Day Event

Ferrari of Newport Beach put on a Track Day event at the Thermal Club Track in Thermal Ca. This unique track day event gave Ferrari of Newport Beach clients exclusive access to the premier private track in Southern California. This Newport Beach Ferrari Track Day was open to all levels of experience and gave everyone some new driving lessons as well as ample track time to open up their Ferrari’s on the track to speeds well exceeding 140mph. Everyone was treated to a 1st class breakfast and a five star lunch on the day in addition to the most exciting stretch of track in Southern California.

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March 29th Track Day Photo Album.

March 29th Track Day Parade Lap Photo Album.


For those customers who wish to challenge themselves in a controlled racing environment, Ferrari of Newport Beach offers several track events throughout the year. These events are limited to a small group of customers and are suitable for first-timers, enthusiasts and more experienced drivers who share the passion for racing and want to experience a full day of driving, training and coaching.


For more information about Ferrari of Newport Beach track events, please contact us at or call 866-567-8445.